- Biography -


The Staton-House Band hails from Colorado and got their start in late 2003, formed out of the ashes of House Party (fronted by lead guitarist Christopher House) and solo artist and lead singer, Tom Staton. The band paid their dues with extensive touring around Boulder, Colorado and the mid-West supporting their first record, Joy Motel which includes the longtime concert favorite, “Impossible Machines”.

They quickly returned to the studio for its sophomore release, the self-titled Staton-House Band, with included the stand out tune “Song for the Forgotten”. Their next album, Alexander Street kept the momentum going with such classics as “We Fooled No One” and “Besotted”.

The band followed up their success quickly with 2009’s In the World and the first single “Timothy Doesn’t Matter”, a college radio hit. The next single, “Janine” was a worldwide smash and would culminate with “Record of the Year” honors at the 2010 Grammys™. They celebrated with an exhaustive tour of North America, Europe, Australia and their first visit to Latin America.

The release of Mumble and Shine was a precursor to the 2012 Record Store Day release (with exclusive Navy Blue vinyl) entitled Live From Grimey’s/Nashville with the timeless cover of “Keith Don’t Go”. Subsequent hit albums include Sleepwalker, with the massive hit “Just Between Us”, and the 2014 release Radio and Windows. Both albums were complimented by worldwide tours.

The band took some time off to pursue other projects, but have returned with a vengeance with their latest album, Consider the Stars and its #1 iTunes single, “City of Lights in the Dark”. The band is currently touring North America.

The current band line-up consists of Tom Staton (lead vocals, piano), Christopher House (lead guitar), Steve F. (drums), Rick Bayless (bass) and Kelton Sakai (keyboards, piano).